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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NUK nasal decongester & Braun ThermoScan

My little one got ill last week, he got a temperature and a runny nose.  It's the first time he got a temperature and it took him 5 days for the temperature to come down!!!

He's finally well and hence I finally have time to update my findings of what I found useful while my little one was unwell.

1. NUK nasal decongester - it's tricky to clear the nasal passage when the little one has a runny nose.  This nasal decongester works very well, it's very quick and easy to use.  The little one breathes so much better after his nasal passage is cleared.


 2. Braun ThermoScan

We used to have another ear thermometer - the BrotherMax one, we got it because it worked as a room temperature as well.  But we found the temperature measurement is not very accurate - we used it a few times in a row and we got 36.6, 36.6, then 37.9!!  So... how can we trust its measurement when it fluctuates so much within minutes?  A friend recommended the Braun ThermoScan - it's used by many NHS professionals (including our GP), and it has an indicator that would beep if the position isn't quite right.  Now we feel more reassured that the temperature measurement can be relied upon!  (At first I wanted to get it from the pharmacy straight away after hearing my friend's recommendation, but RRP is 42.99!!  It's cheaper to get it from Amazon even if we pay for the express delivery!)

No one wants their little one to get ill, but it's inevitable that they will one day... it's better to get these gadgets in advance so they are available when you need it urgently!  (and save yourself from paying for express delivery!)

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